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Evangeline Rabang Racho, fondly known as Eva, is an artist whose works are driven by anything that she can draw inspiration from. She is moved by the beauty of nature, the exquisiteness of people and cultures, and the mystery of emotions. She has always been interested in creating art and she did so at her own pace. She is an autodidact who is continuously trying to enrich her skills.


At a very young age, she became an art enthusiast even before she understood what art really meant. She marveled at the works of the grandmasters whose paintings she first saw on the back covers of each Reader’s Digest magazine bought by her father. She had the chance to see masterpieces by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Bernini, and others while traveling in Europe.


Most of her artworks are kept privately and she did commissioned paintings here and abroad, a few now hang in some homes in Italy.


She let down her colors and brushes for long when the corporate world took over her time. Her travels inspired her to freeze the memory of beauty and the emotion felt while experiencing new places. This, she aims to share through her landscape paintings.

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