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Frida Nepomuceno is a professional in the entertainment industry, specializing in events hosting, singing, and stage performances. She is widely recognized for her exceptional talent as a female impressionist. Alongside her love for the stage, Frida has a profound passion for visual arts. Working primarily with charcoal and acrylic, she creates stunning artworks on various mediums such as canvas, bags, and denim.


Her interest in art originated from her collection of X-Men comic books, where she started replicating intricate and realistic lines and curves of the human figure on paper. While mostly self-taught, Frida has honed her skills and expanded her artistic vision through museum visits, guidance from experienced art mentors, and engaging in sketch parties.


Art not only serves as a creative outlet for Frida but also plays a significant role in her personal healing process. Additionally, she generously shares her artistic knowledge by teaching art classes to children and teenagers at the Susana Pichay Music Studio in Las Piñas. Frida also owns an online shop called "Wilart Designs," where she showcases and sells her remarkable hand-painted wearable items.


With her immense talent, passion for the arts, and dedication to sharing her expertise with others, Frida Nepomuceno embodies professionalism both on and off the stage, making her an exemplary artist in the entertainment industry.

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