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Mark Joseph G. Tuante is a freelance artist. Born on March 17,1991, he has shown fondness in joining competitions in drawing as early as he was in elementary school. He has often won contests in poster making, slogan, and editorial cartooning.


He also joined art workshops in his home town where he met Mr. NARCISO C. SANTIAGO, who is one of the pillars of art in Santa Maria, Bulacan and the President of LAKAN SINING sa LALAWIGAN ng BULACAN. He then became his mentor.


When Mark was in High School, he started to create his works on canvas and frequently joined art competitions. Although he was not always lucky to bag the price, he never lost his self confidence. Instead, he used this to improve more on his skills and creations.


The usual subject of his works are street vendors as they have always touched his heart. This was also his job from when he started to focus on painting. At present, he joined various galleries in order to bring more visibility to his works and further introduce his creations.


He is also involved in teaching art lessons to students and enthusiasts. He has joined various exhibits to showcase his work.

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